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40 Years in the Making

Mansur Kaiser came to the United States from South Asia in the late 70’s and fell in love with his new country. The freedom and opportunity to be everything he wanted to be, with hard work, helped him transition to his new home quickly, but there was one thing he had a difficult time finding: authentic Indo-Mediterranean cuisine like the food he grew up eating.

With few options outside of his own kitchen, he began to learn how to cook his favourite dishes and became quite the home chef. After he finished school and began working, it became tougher to find time to prepare the intricate dishes he couldn’t live without.

Bringing Change

What started in his kitchen out of sheer necessity soon took on a life of its own. He opened his first South Asian restaurant in the 90’s, and a Mediterranean restaurant shortly thereafter. With demand for his cooking growing, he launched Colonel Kababz in the early 2000’s starting with the Southern U.S., and it grew quickly to span the United States and Canada.

Today, Colonel Kababz is one of the premier Indo-Mediterranean frozen food brands, and Mansur continues dedicating himself to figuring out innovative ways to bring people across the continent, and soon the world, the unique flavors he grew up experiencing. He believes everyone would enjoy authentic Indo-Mediterranean cuisine if it’s as simple as heating it up, and doesn’t want anyone to have to spend valuable time figuring everything out, unless they want to!

Everyday. Without Compromise.

We put the hard work in our kitchen, so you don’t have to – by using centuries old cooking techniques combined with our specially developed methods, we strive to give you The Authentic Indo-Mediterranean Experience with minimal time, effort, and preparation by you.

We cook our food with carefully selected fresh herbs and spices, just like you do at home! All of our meat is USDA Certified 100% Halal, a principle grounded in the humane treatment of animals and cleanliness of meat.

We use only wholesome ingredients – if we can’t pronounce it, we don’t put it in any of our food. We firmly believe that, if it’s not something we would eat ourselves, it’s not something we would ever give to anyone else!

From Us To You

We promise to always work our hardest to only bring you the very best Indo-Mediterranean Cuisine has to offer. With so many tasks taking up your time every day, you deserve something healthy, authentic, and easy to prepare when it’s time to eat, and we promise to be there doing our best to deliver!