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Igniting a Culinary Revolution

What initially began as a solution born out of necessity in Mansur’s kitchen soon evolved into a remarkable journey. In the 90s, he opened his first South Asian restaurant, followed by a Mediterranean establishment. As demand for his delectable dishes surged, he ventured into a new realm of frozen food manufacturing in the early 2000s, starting in the Southern U.S. Rapid growth expanded his reach across the United States and Canada.

Bringing Change

Today, his Colonel Kababz and Kaiser Foodline brands stand tall as leading Indo-Mediterranean frozen food brands, with Mansur passionately committed to delivering the unique flavors of his upbringing to people across the continent and beyond. His vision is simple: to make authentic Indo-Mediterranean cuisine accessible to all, with the ease of heating it up and savoring its delights. Mansur aims to spare everyone the hassle of figuring it all out, except for those who cherish culinary exploration!

Everyday. Without Compromise.

Experience The Authentic Indo-Mediterranean Cuisine with Ease. In our kitchen, we toil so you don’t have to. By blending centuries-old cooking techniques with our specially developed methods, we strive to deliver The Authentic Indo-Mediterranean Experience while minimizing your time, effort, and preparation.

Our commitment to quality starts with the careful selection of fresh herbs and spices, just as you would do at home. Rest assured, all our meat is USDA Certified 100% Halal, upholding the values of humane animal treatment and the purity of meat.

From Us To You

We use only wholesome ingredients – only those we would gladly eat ourselves find their place in our creations. We believe that if it’s not fit for us, it’s not worthy of anyone else’s plate. Your happiness is our unwavering pledge, every day.